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A contemporary approach for individuals to engage in real estate investment.

Participate in digital real estate investments in premium rental properties with as little as AED 500 (USD 136), regardless of your global location!


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AED 207M+

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How it works

InEstate is available to savvy investors all over the world

Our team of property professionals combine a data driven valuation and analysis process with over 20 years of leadership experience at the top real estate companies in Dubai, to source the best rental properties with the highest investment potential for you.

You can purchase shares in the properties that make sense for you, no matter where you are in the world. All investor funds are held in a segregated account, which is used to create an SPV (holding company) in the DIFC to purchase each property (100% owned by you and the other investors).

Once you invest, we’ll take care of everything, from maintaining the property, to making sure there’s always a tenant in place. You can track your monthly income and manage your investments in real time using our mobile app or web platform.

We work to sell all of our assets at a significantly higher valuation than the purchase price, with investors voting to accept or reject any offers we receive. You can also resell your InEstate during Exit windows, but we do recommend a holding period of 5 years in order to maximise your return

So, how will you make money?

InEstate was built to empower everyone to own and build wealth through real estate

Monthly rental income

Consistent passive income from monthly rental payments

Long term capital appreciation

Watch your investment grow as the property value appreciates

Real estate investing made easy

90% of the worlds millionaires made their fortunes through real estate, but it’s highly inaccessible, illiquid, and complicated – that’s where we come in!

Invest in real estate from only AED 500

With fractionalised properties there is no mortgage or large down payments required

Digital and diversified real estate investing

Buy shares in prime rental properties and manage your diversified portfolio online through our mobile app and web platform

Hassle-free ownership

We handle the entire sales process, screen tenants and manage the property, saving you time and money!

Trusted entity with real estate expertise

InEstate is regulated by the DFSA and our team has held leadership positions at the biggest developers in Dubai for over 20 years

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Investment calculator

Real estate combines the best of all asset classes

It is one of the most important asset classes to own and to build long term wealth

Capital appreciation

In addition to monthly passive income, real estate appreciates in value like equities, creating long term wealth for investors

Passive income

Real estate generates a consistent passive income like bonds, in the form of reliable monthly rental payments

Hedge for inflation

Real estate is the oldest asset class in history and has always been a great hedge during inflationary times, just like gold

Storehold of wealth

Everybody aspires to own a home, making real estate a tangible store of wealth with a very high recovery value

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